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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone!
Thank you very much for your prayers and support in the Kingdom Work in and around Hays, KS. It’s been a great semester—the small groups have been experiencing good community and time in the Word. We’ve had some really excellent discussions based on the Word that directly apply to students’ lives in the groups at the time. It’s also been a great semester for one on one discussions and walking with people through difficult times. We’ve had several opportunities open up to assist members in the community, international students, and college students. Each one has been a blessing to us and to the people we’ve helped—thank you for your prayers that enable these situations.
Game night continues to be an alternative for many, and we are excited to be adding more interaction opportunities to it and possibly some new activities. It’s also been EXCELLENT working with new leaders this year in the ministry and during game nights; we have some very Godly young leaders who are also very refreshing presences to be around.
We will be passing on quite a few updates to you soon. The Christmas Season newsletter will be coming out shortly, and it will contain several ministry updates. I will also pass out more information about myself as a support based missionary; to serve with more longevity I want to get that information out to see how God will provide. My current support is $670 per month, and I would like to have enough more that I could afford health insurance and some vision correction for my right eye. Finally, I will pass on information about a new school, Aikido of Northwest Kansas, which I will open up January 15th. It will have traditional self-defensive Aikido martial training, prayer meditation sessions, and Godly Warriors classes (you can find out some more information about this at I already spend about 8-10 hours a week teaching Aikido and working with Aikido related things (it is one of my most important connections to the university students—many in our small groups and at game night come from the FHSU Aikido Club or I meet them when I am on campus to teach). This school will be a powerful augment to the ministry I already do as a missionary and through Unite. Though it will likely not earn much at first, it also may serve as an augment to missionary support and replace the small odd jobs that I currently do to make ends meet. I will still be devoting more than 40 hours a week to missionary projects and Unite without counting the time that will be spent at Aikido of Northwest Kansas. With all of these exciting happenings, I would ask you to PLEASE keep us in your prayers. Again, we want to thank you and wish you all a VERY…
Merry Christmas!
Brandon Nimz

Monday, December 12, 2011


So much has been happening in the past two weeks that I hardly know where to start!  I will be typing it all into the newsletter, which I will post here, but I do want to start by saying thank you for your prayers!  God used several of us VERY powerfully last week, and I have to believe that prayer support is a big part of how everything went so supernaturally well (that will be a large part of the newsletter).  Please continue to pray for us--finals are this week, and after that many of the students will be away on break.  I personally will be traveling to train for an upcoming ministry endeavor (will mention more about that in the newsletter as well), then will be returning to head out as the Instructor/Sponsor for the FHSU Aikido Club Jan 7th.  That should be a great time to bond with about 16 students, so please keep that in your prayers.

Right NOW we can use prayers for the students in finals.  Many of them are very stressed and are having difficulty finding time for God in any location.  I will be excited to meet with those who show up at today's 3:30 p.m. small group in the Union, and we will be praying for everyone--especially those who can't make it.  Still, even most of those who will make it have been requesting prayer for studies and stress and not spending enough time with God.

Thank you all again for your prayers--it is critical.  If there is any way we can pray for you, feel free to post it on the Unite facebook page or email us at!