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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Web Info Update

Hello!  Some of you may not be aware, but if you want more information about Unite and our game nights, small groups, mission trips, etc. or if you want more information about the dojo Aikido of Northwest Kansas, you can find it online:  If you want more information about Unite game nights and to see some photos and more, check out  If you would like information about the Dojo/Aikido of Northwest Kansas and its Godly Warriors program and prayer meditation program, check out or  Finally, if you want more information on Unite, check out  Will post another update here soon!  :)

Monday, March 12, 2012

March 12th Prayer Requests and Updates!

Hello everyone!  This week I would request special prayer for our small groups.  Over this semester the two women’s small groups have had trouble getting off the ground.  While many of the ladies have been talking and trying to work schedules out, most haven’t been able to meet yet.  Since the groups plan to go through Captivating once they are regularly meeting, this semester could be HUGE for many of the ladies present.  Unfortunately, scheduling and other things have prevented them from meeting regularly enough to get there.  Please pray that God help people (and the right people) come together for that to happen.  I know that the study and God time has very powerfully impacted young women before, and that it has tremendous potential for the ladies who might attend this year.  Please keep these groups especially in your prayers!

Though we originally didn’t have enough interest to do it, we now have a men’s only small group again this semester—it kind of randomly formed on a Tuesday afternoon and has been going very well for a few weeks now.  Please pray that it continue to go strongly and that more young men get attracted to it.

Finally, the mixed group Monday is going well, and the mixed Thursday group is going very well.  I would request prayer that in each group we be open to the Spirit and that He help us listen to His voice as we study the Word.  I would also request prayer that obstacles not prevent us from meeting.  We have several very busy people in each group, but we generally get close to the full group every time.  I know as midterms approach and then the end of the semester that it will be easy for that to change unless we pray and make an effort.

Thank you all for your prayers and support!