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Friday, May 4, 2012

May 4 Prayer Requests and Update

Hello everyone!  It's a transitional time for Unite things as we switch over to summer mode.  At least three of the small groups will continue to run over the summer (even though some students are heading home), and we will drop down to just one game night per week in June.  The United Methodist Student Center where we normally have game night will be closed for renovations in June, so we are praying about what alternative location(s) to use.  We have a few options, but we also want to keep in mind that some students walk from campus, so we want to stick near to that area if we can.

Please also keep the upcoming summer mission trip in your prayers.  As usual, we will head to Juarez and Oklahoma City.  This year we will also spend one day in Hays examining this area as a mission field.  The approx dates at this point are June 30-July 14.

Finally, it is time to start getting out the word about Fall semester happenings like 'Get Plugged In' and [alt].  All in all--it's a busy time of year.

As students prepare for finals next week, please keep them in your prayers.  As we start to spool up for the busy summer, please keep US in your prayers.  Thanks again for any time spent praying for us!