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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Update September 14

The past couple of weeks have been excellent.  We have had several unique opportunities to make connections with new groups.  We now have about seven or eight congregation members waiting for training to join small groups or attend the international themed game nights.  We also made new connections with some people interested in spreading the word about fair trade and, especially, better-than-fair-trade coffees and products; we will also be helping with some alternatives to Oktoberfest and have about eight new students signed up as interested in small groups.  (Oh, and our second international themed game night had about ten international students in attendance).

I have made several awesome personal connections with students and individuals, as well.  I am very excited to see what God has in future.  One more note—I see a strong potential in the later future to open up a full-service coffeehouse with semi-regular hours to act as an interaction hub.  It would possibly go by the name ‘Common Grounds’.  It’s on the location we use for international themed game nights and game-nights (the non-international themed game night is themed as alternative to drinking).  While this has been part of the vision for awhile, I am really starting to see some of the full potentials it could have and am excited to see what God has planned with it.  I also see opportunities for the third year our small groups are in effect to reach out and touch the community powerfully.  It is all distant and uncertain as of yet, but very exciting.

In other news I have invited three individuals to prayerfully consider eventually joining a board of directors (that would pray to make sure we are moving in the direction of the Spirit) and have about seven students who are considering leadership (several have already committed).  Whew!  What an update, huh?  I’ll try to update things more regularly so I don’t have to include so much information… 

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