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Thursday, December 16, 2010

December 16th Updates and prayer requests

It has been a whirlwind time in ministry as the semester rounds to a close.  It is usually a very volatile time in students’ lives, and this has opened up a number of very good conversations with several individuals and in several of the small groups.

There have also been a number of opportunities to directly help and encourage each other in the small groups.  In one group a youth pastor and his wife are moving, so we had the opportunity to help paint their new house.  In another group we’ve had a chance to purchase tea and coffee for fellow students who have been stuck studying for finals.  In yet another group we’ve focused on praying and have met several times outside of the group times to meet and pray for each other.  In each of the groups, God’s Spirit is definitely present, and I am thankful for His guidance.

We’ve also had a nice increase in international student attendance at some of our game night events.  One or two have even started to become semi-regular attenders after initially coming with North Oak’s friendship families at our collaborative game night in November. 

Relationships among diverse parts of the body in this community are also being formed and strengthened.  I am distinctly excited for an opportunity it seems the Spirit is bringing about for various Christian groups to come together to work towards larger community projects.  Just today I attended a meeting with four youth pastors who seek to come together with some of the college groups to pull in speakers for the University and local school districts.  Over break there is also a group of ministries that focus on internationals that hope to meet together to discuss how God is leading us and how we can pool our resources to better support international students who may not have places to go over break.

Overall, things have been very exciting, VERY relational, and thus very busy.  I thank God for the year that He’s provided and for the growth we’ve experienced individually and corporately.

Please pray that:

The Lord help ALL involved in our leadership listen to and hear His Spirit, and that He help our student leadership team move together in His Spirit…

That God help all of us in His body in this community move together in His timing…

That God help Christians see opportunities to speak into each others' lives in love, to help and encourage each other, and to point believers and non-believers towards God and thus towards hope…

A thank you for God’s continued providence.

Thank YOU for your prayers!!!


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