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Thursday, April 28, 2011

April 27th update

Thank God for a glorious evening.  I was on a panel at Encounter (another college ministry) for the second week in a row.  Members of the audience were allowed to directly ask us questions or anonymously text questions to a computer.  The questions led to some very Biblical discussion.  Afterward, I had the opportunity to encourage several people and take part in some Spirit-led discussions about the topics that had been brought up.

Perhaps most interesting, however, was the next opportunity.  I was invited to sit in on a women’s group that shared their highs and lows in their week.  What followed was an excellent time of openness and sharing.  I will not mention any specifics about anything shared, but I will say that the Spirit enabled people to share very authentically what was really going on in their lives.  I was also very blessed and honored with an opportunity to pray for the young ladies.  I don’t have great words to explain it, but it was one of those times when I could just feel the Spirit move and knew that it should be, and I was truly honored and joyful to be used.   

They are amazing young ladies, the whole night was very good, and I thank God for a glorious evening.

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