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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Reflections Thurs July 19

Today I read Malachi, and it really struck me.  I think I'll continue re-reading it over the next few days, but it has some amazing parallels to much of Christianity today.  I am far from saying that everyone is like Israel at the time of this warning, but I find that the general idea of Malachi is a powerful critique not just of Israel, but of much of the modern church.

I also hope to begin to use this blog more and more frequently.  I have left off communicating with much of the community who is praying for me and for the ministry in this blog and instead opted to do it through the newsletter.  However, not everyone gets that, and it is downright wrong not to bring you all along with me on this journey.  I hope that if you haven't been reading due to my lack of updates that you begin checking this again and find it encouraging.

Prayer Requests:
Please pray for the summer small groups.  They are dealing with what most small groups do over the summer--everyone is off on vacation or has a special project at work or is generally busy.  We do still meet and several times they have been very full--with even seven or eight people.  They are also often just two or three.  Please pray that we interact powerfully with God's Spirit in those times regardless of how many or few show up and for good community in Christ in those groups.  Thank you for your prayers!

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