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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Reflections and Prayer Request Aug 12

Last night we wrapped up a six-day Aikido camp that I had been instructing with a free, open-to-the-public late afternoon session; a few of the students who had previously had been gone most of the summer were back to get ready for college at Hays or were back getting ready to resume the usual school schedules, and they were able to practice with us.

Even during stretches I felt such a great warmth.  It was EXCELLENT having everyone back together again to joke, laugh, and experience community together.  I cannot tell you how much I had missed that, and I hadn't even realized it was something I had missed until last night.  Thank God for showing me how valuable that is and for the reminder that the work I do at the dojo is as much a part of the ministry I do here in Hays as leading the small groups  or game night or any of the big projects we put on or help with.  The community that He has helped establish there is such a great blessing, and I cannot afford to easily forget it.

I am truly excited for more and more students to get back and for the semester to start gearing up.  It is an unbelievably busy time as we prepare for many things to get busier or start back up all at once.  Nonetheless, it is one of the best times for God's Kingdom impact to happen.

Please pray for all involved in any ministry that we take the time to listen especially deeply to God.  As waves of things needing our attention threaten to sweep us away, may we anchor in to His deep, reassuring voice and step out for the Kingdom.  Thank God for this opportunity and this time!

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