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Monday, September 10, 2012

Fun from Last Friday's Game Night (Update and Prayer Request)

My feelings about last Friday’s Unite Game Night are positive, though the night was definitely not typical.  While we had less people than usual despite having a fun ‘Italian/Mafia’ theme for the games and drinks, we also seemed busier than usual.  Between the card tournament and the much heavier coffee drink and food orders, all of us serving kept pretty busy.  Also, though less of the typical students showed up, we also had several old faces that we hadn’t seen in a long time and several exciting new faces, as well!

I personally was very happy to see some of our old friends who hadn’t made it in quite some time swing back by.  It was sincerely fun chatting with them, laughing with them, and seeing them around again.  One of my personal friends who doesn’t make it too often came by, as well, though he had to leave pretty early for a trip.  It was good hearing from him about some of what was going on in his life, even though the situation was a bit difficult.  On top of that, at least a couple of brand new people came by!  One was a connection from a youth pastor in WaKeeney.  He turned out to be a very cool young man who wants to do some Christian rap and who is currently training as a carpenter but who ultimately wants to be a youth pastor.  He hails from Juarez, Mexico, which is a city I have strong ties to due to our yearly trips to El Hogar de Los Ninos de Emmanuel there.  Due to the busy-ness of the evening, we were unable to chat as much as I would have liked, but I very much look forward to getting to know him more in the future.  I was also very pleased when a local youth pastor who I greatly respect swung by for a quick coffee and to check the place out.  He has been wanting to come to game night for over a year but has not been able to do so due to being so busy.  Seeing him there interacting with the students and chatting with people brought a big smile to my face.  Part of the idea of Unite Game Night has always been to have established Christians in the community like him come by to get to know the students and interact with him.  Seeing that happen just the second game night into the semester brings me great hope and excitement for what may come.  Please keep that in your prayers—that more local Christians might come out to have fun and join us in conversation and community! 

All in all, though the night was somewhat smaller, I felt that the connections during it were of a much higher quality than usual, and I pray that this trend continues.  Though I don’t know what God has planned for the semester, this and other signs excite me.  Thanks again for your continued prayers!


(PS The pictures are from the poker game at last Friday night’s game night)


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