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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Blessings, Meditation

This morning's early church prayer and meditation class ( was particularly good.  We had a very cool new person join us, and the atmosphere was conducive to interactions with God as usual.  I substantially enjoyed the 'Examen' meditation; my consolation (life-giving memory from the week) reminded me of some of my purpose in Christ, and my desolation (life-draining memory from the week) taught me that I cannot easily hear God when my pride feels challenged and my emotions get high.  It was a good reminder of my need to really slow down in such instances and pray, trusting God to answer.

Perhaps what was even more cool was hearing how Aikido has been good for some of the youth who have been taking it and having a chance to hear about some of the families who have been taking it chatting about and working on Aikido together.  It brings my heart great joy that we can help families enjoy things together and help communities form--both things that seem very important to God, Biblically.  I also feel that the idea of forming community and working together towards common, Godly purposes is a huge concept throughout the New Testament.  It is exciting to see that lived out a bit.  Beyond that, I have just been feeling very blessed all day in many little ways.

Thank God for a great birthday and exciting life!

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