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Thursday, January 31, 2013


Hello everyone!  I have a time-sensitive prayer request and request for assistance! 
   When I began my journey as an in-state missionary, God greatly used some of the missionaries and other speakers who weekly taught the Hays ‘Perspectives on the Christian World Movement’ class to prod me.  This class is taught by a number of experts in their field who travel on a circuit around the U.S. so that each place they speak can divide out the cost of having them come.  As such, participants in the class are taught by a different speaker every week as they go through a deeply powerful experience that challenges their perspectives on how God has moved throughout human history.  It is a rare experience, and one that I would recommend anyone consider taking.
   This year the Hays class is ten students short of the required amount to financially make it—though they have already had two weeks of class, they are looking at having to close their doors, refund money and give up on what could be a very powerful semester for the college students and private individuals who are currently taking the class (for credit, for audit, or just for personal growth).  They need either $2,000 or ten students to allow for the class to happen, and they need it immediately.  First, I ask you to PLEASE PRAY that God provide the individuals AND/OR the money to make the class happen this semester.  Second, I am going out over the next few days to try and get corporate and private sponsors to allow the class to financially happen this year—if you are willing to either make a one-time, tax-deductible donation to make the class happen OR if you are willing to TAKE the Perspectives class yourself this year and gain from the epic experience (it may not be offered again in future years here), then PLEASE contact me AS SOON AS POSSIBLE so that I can give you instructions to route your donation or enroll for the course.  Please keep in mind that a small donation of $5, $10, or $20 can SUBSTANTIALLY help (if everyone on my Unite email list gave $20, the class would already be saved).  I will be putting my money where my mouth is and personally financially supporting this class, myself.  If you join me in this, I think that God will do a cool thing through our efforts as a body of believers.  Please consider contributing or letting me know if an employer or your church would be willing to contribute.
   These will be an intense several days as we pray and see how God provides for this course.  Please pray with me, and please consider donating OR enrolling!  Thank you sincerely for your prayers and help!
   In Christ,

Contact me by phone: 785-259-2539

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