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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Ministry Excerpt May 25th

Monday night was excellent. A large group of students from Unite met to buy food for a college guy who had maxed out his options with the local aid groups and couldn’t get food for a couple of weeks. Instead we headed to the United Methodist Student Center (it has a basement) to observe and ride out a large thunderstorm that tore through Hays to the tune of emergency vehicles and tornado sirens.

After the worst had blown through we had a ton of fun with several others who were there splashing around in the rain and driving around town throwing up water and checking things out.

Once we’d recollected ourselves, we were able to make the Walmart run to buy the food. It is a blessing and encouragement to see how generous everyone became when a need was apparent. Many of those who contributed the most and thought to buy extra nice items were themselves having trouble making the bare minimums for rent and food. God is awesome, and it touches a person very deeply to see His love expressed through others and reflected in their hearts. I am humbled and infinitely grateful to He whom we are blessed to serve for the opportunities He gives us to live in community with Him and all who serve Him. We are so unworthy to be used to show His love, but His love is so amazing that He wants to use us with Him to love others... what an amazing thing. I really can't express how grateful that makes me.

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