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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Prayer Request Update June 9

A number of our college students have big decisions to make; please pray that God help them hear His voice and only His voice, that they listen and understand and obey. Pray that God help them see their next steps in His will and follow through by taking them.

Several students/college aged people are in hard financial straights; please pray for them.

We still meet over the Summer and several graduating high school students have expressed interest in joining our small groups over the Summer. Please pray that those who would benefit become involved.

Over the next few weeks we will be working with a large variety of groups, Churches, and individuals to begin assembling adults for the small group studies on campus. Please pray that we will be sensitive for opportunities to share and invite people and that those on the other end will be receptive to any promptings from the Holy Spirit.

We will also be looking at working on several projects, including potentially getting the coffeehouse in the United Methodist Student Center adjacent to campus ready to be up and running. There are a variety of parts that God will have to bring together, but it appears that there are willing workers and skilled craftsmen who may be willing to donate time. Now we need to pray for the providence of the needed resources and/or funding.

I will be sending out my first round of support/sponsorship letters for my personal living expenses as I lead in this ministry. I know God will provide for my basic needs if I ‘seek ye first the Kingdom of God’; please pray that those who will be part of that hear or learn about the needs (especially the prayer and financial needs for Unite).

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