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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ministry Update; prayer requests; note about personal prayers

Hello everyone!

It’s been crazy every since we’ve gotten back from Mexico, but very good.

First, to clarify things, this existing blog will be JUST for Unite updates and prayers. If you are someone would like to track what’s going on in my personal missionary journey and pray for me as an individual, then please check out I will post personal updates and prayer requests there.

That said—this is a very busy month for Unite. August 23rd we have Picnic in the Quad, August 26th is the ‘Get Plugged In’ event that we put on for anyone who wants to connect with the body of Christ in Hays. August 27th and 28th will be our cross-cultural and interpersonal training hosted by Doug Schaible of New Tribes Missionary Agency. The training has been opened up to any congregation member or ministry that works with international students especially or to anyone who wants to learn to communicate better with people who have different backgrounds. There will also be an emphasis on maintaining a Biblical perspective if a person does share Christ with explanation about how to do that.

Shortly thereafter the small groups will start up—they will launch bit by bit as more students and congregations members become involved. We will also offer other training sessions for any community members who want to be involved. The coffeehouse game nights geared towards international students will also be starting up shortly.

As you can see, these two months have a lot going on. Thankfully it is not just for us to have to administrate—God will guide and direct us all if we continue to listen. Please pray that all who are supposed to be involved in these opportunities—including those we haven’t met yet—listen to the Spirit and be guided into involvement. Thank you for your continued prayers and support! Please keep praying for all of our leaders to listen to and be united in the Spirit, for all incoming students to interact with a Jesus follower and get connected to Christ’s body in Hays, and for all of those members of the body who may become involved in one of our small groups or other interaction opportunities to listen to the Spirit. Please pray that all of us continue to be transformed by the Spirit and that we be sensitive to His leading. Thank God for this exciting chance to step forth and serve!

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