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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Mexico Update

Hello everyone!

The last few days in Mexico were a tremendous blessing-coming back to the States was a whirlwind; I want to let you know what happened, ask for your prayers, and thank you for your support.

Wednesday July 28 was a time I can still remember clearly. We went out into the city center with some of the kids who wanted to powerfully serve God, and we prayed for anyone we felt led to pray for. My group had a particularly long chat with a fellow who didn’t believe in the Bible. It was very interesting to sit back and watch how the oldest, Lucilla, handled the situation. I could see that she definitely wanted to respect the older man but also that she was upset by some of his statements (including some rather rough language). The talk that I had with her afterwards about what she perceived from her encounter was very neat. It was also a blessing to see how some of the kids there prayed for strangers.

Leaving the home to go to the States was hard, as usual. I sincerely wanted to stay with many of the children just to hold them and speak into them—to tell them how valuable and worthwhile and amazing they are. Many have been abandoned by their families and truly believe they are ugly or stupid or somehow wrong… otherwise why would their families give them up? Each one of the children there is precious to me, and I will keep them in my prayers. I would ask you to do the same—especially the oldest ones.

The home is in somewhat of a tough situation in that, due to the news, only 40 people went this summer vs. 800 in summers past. The children need not only money and prayers (and they are somewhat tight for money since the groups bring money with them for the service projects they do), but they desperately need people to see them for the amazing children they are… to engage them, hold them, pray with them, and love them. I strongly urge anyone who has interest to contact me at I would be more than happy to work with the home to set up a visit for you. I also plan to return there in December; I am not sure if that will be as an individual, with the Church, or with Unite, the college ministry I lead. However, there will be future options for you if you would like to come. All of us were deeply touched by God and what He is doing there, and I have no doubt that we would all urge you to pray and see if you might have more of a part to play in this than you realize. Thank you sincerely for your prayers and support! The Home was incredibly thankful to have us as a group since they have had so few. Your contributed greatly--Brandon

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