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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

July 27 Prayer update

Last night I lay on the roof of the children’s home with several of the youth who meet with Adam every night to experience God’s presence. (Adam is one of the visitors to the Home who chose to stay and help build into the kids’ lives). As I lay there looking up at the vaulted clouds and the stars beyond, I was just reminded of how immense God truly is and of how humble He is to come down to this world and truly love each and every one of us.

While on the roof, I had the opportunity to pray with Esteban and Alex. Esteban has been at the Home six years—he is an amazing twelve year old kid with a warm smile and something always going on behind his brown eyes. He told me that his first family had separated and would never come back together or come back for him. Every day for the past six years he has earnestly prayed for a new family. This is still his prayer. I could see how badly he hurt and how much he yearned for family connection as he told me his story. It nearly broke my heart for such an amazing young boy to have such pain.

Alex is maybe six or seven. He asked me to pray for his brothers and sister. They are with his father in the United States. He does not know where they are or if they are ok, and he told me that he never will know. They crossed and permanently left him and his mother behind. They will not reconnect again. His mother lives in a Durango, so his home moves sometimes when he isn’t at the Home. He desperately misses his siblings and prays that they are ok.

Please pray for these, our little brothers in Mexico, and all the other kids at the Home. Many go through more pain in their days than we ever realize.

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