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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

July 20 Update

Since I am currently in Juarez Mexico on our mission trip and all of us here have been involved in Unite in some way, I'm going to start posting the Mexico updates here until I return... You may also read them directly at Pleae keep us in your prayers!!!

It has been excellent so far here in Juar├ęz. God has been powerfully challenging our group to stretch and grow in many senses. He is also challenging us individually and helping us support and love one another as He works.

The pastor Sunday made a special point in the service of thanking us for coming when so few have. According to Wendy the Children’s Home has only had about 40 visitors so far and that may be all they get (compared to 800 a few years ago). To the pastor here, the congregation, and the children, we are a big blessing. It works my own heart pretty hard to see some of the kids whom I have grown to love and then to know that they have not been loved this summer as usual. The kids are amazing kids. Most of them are pretty smart, and most of them are very loving. They are still kids and there are plenty who are ornery and some who are even obnoxious sometimes, but they all are amazing and each so deserving to be loved. Some are being extra loud and distracting for attention likely just because they have received so little for such a long time. The rest are some of the coolest kids I have had the pleasure to talk with (though I think almost all kids are pretty amazing). Most have been very happy to see us, and quite a few remember James and me (I remember more of them than I would have figured, myself). Some have grown up pretty well—I’ve enjoyed watching some of the older boys give the younger ones opportunities to have the ball in soccer… even giving up great shots and sometimes hurting the momentum of their team to give the younger kids the joy of playing up front… God seems to be raising up some cool leaders in that age range.

Worship on Sunday was beyond what words can describe. I was borderline crying at one point and felt the Spirit move in powerful ways. Something about the way that worship in the Spirit occurs in this local Church moves me greatly every time. Especially powerful to me was a song that, in English (roughly) repeats “adore, adore, adore, all of the glory and all of the honor to His majesty”… It’s not really just the words or just the music or just the way in which it is sung/played… it’s more than that which makes that chorus ring so powerfully… The Spirit was almost tangible in the place as we sung those verses… and the presence of God easily can move one to tears…

It has been interesting to see the status of the city. In the poor district here, it is almost the same (except the lack of Christian visitors). It hurts my heart that, regardless of the reasons why, so many are not coming the Children’s Home now. The message that the Church is sending by stopping its flow of servants is quite simple and quite clear. When it looks rough or dangerous, or even if it is rough or dangerous, the body of Christ stops loving. As one who deeply loves some of these kids, that cuts me straight to the core. THE most powerful thing that one can do for the kid here is to help them know God and know His love… The message sent is a strong contradictor to what the groups have taught them for a long time about how strong and great God’s love is… If we Christians really embody the love of Christ, then how can His love be all that great? If these kids don’t get into a powerful RELATIONSHIP with Jesus, then all of the efforts of all the years have been for almost nothing… I WANT these kids whom I care about to know God—He is the only one who can give them a life worth living… Please pray that they see His love for them despite the recent circumstances…

Please pray that God embolden His children so that more of them would come here. Please also be praying for our team to be listening to God’s spirit and to continue to be sensitive. Pray also for unity in the Spirit and that God help us let go of what we need to and move with Him in everything. Thank you so much for your love, prayers, and support!

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