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Friday, July 23, 2010

July 23 update

The conversations with the kids get progressively more in-depth every year. It has been very hard, but beneficial, to hear the real-life situations many of them are in. Today we were able to help out a woman whose kids go to the Home. The staff was able to verify that the situation was legitimate—her husband left her, she had no job, she was sick and could not afford to pay for a doctor, and she could not afford to feed her kids over the mandatory break when she walked all the way to the Home to pick them up. I overheard her telling her situation to one of the workers at the Home felt led to pray for her. Our group prayed for healing (the ladies laid hands on her) and we were able to assist her some financially—hopefully enough to feed her kids over the break. It was very difficult for all of us to see that, especially since we’ve gotten to know and love her kids over the course of the week…

We also had a big fiesta to end the week with the kids after our classes with them. Many will be gone next week for vacation. I’ll let the others share more, though…

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