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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Feb 22 Updates/Prayer Requests

Feb 22nd update

It’s been a whirlwind two weeks!  God has done some very exciting things this month.  In just a two-week stretch we’ve had more than six new people temporarily or permanently join a new small group.  Each instance has been exciting.  Some have joined us through existing relationships, but many have just walked by and sat down and joined for a prayer OR have contacted us asking about a small group.  We’ve also had several new people come to game nights.

We STRONGLY appreciate your prayers that we be sensitive to the Spirit in each interaction so that we can be at the right place at the right time.  There really aren’t words to explain how exciting it is to see Him move.

Also, I recently gave a message in WaKeeney at the Church of God.  The second service especially I could feel the Spirit stirring.  One young lady approached me after the service very upset and shared some difficult things with me.  Through the Spirit and connections we were able to get her in contact with a lady in her community who can meet with her.  I was VERY excited to be used for that.  It’s ALSO been interesting in that the Spirit has had me meeting with a youth pastor and a few people from that community (one of whom has moved his family here because they felt they were to become involved with ‘Hays’).  I’m heading back over two more times this week for some exciting things the Spirit is doing there.  I’m fairly certain they relate heavily back to the ‘Common Grounds’ coffeehouse along with something our leadership team is praying about.  We would VERY much appreciate your prayers for discernment and for us to have the ability to listen, hear, and follow God’s directions in HIS timing.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support.  On a personal note, my support has risen to where it will be at a stable $350 per month next month.  Thank God for His providence!


  1. How can you survive on $350 per month?

  2. Well--I actually survive for about $450 per month (that's my budget). God always ends up providing the amount between the two, though (early on that gap was much wider). Sometimes that can come in the form of a one-time donation, sometimes it is in the form of odd jobs (I've repaired computers, mowed lawns, taught Spanish, etc.)...

    As far as the $450 break-down... I live in a house with four college men (which means I have 1/3 of the living room as my room, but it's a big room so that's cool), so that keeps bills around $200 for everything house-related (Internet, electricity, water, sewage, rent, etc.)... I also have a family plan on the cell phone for $30/month, bike most places in town to limit fuel expenses, eat conservatively (think healthy yet a bunch of sandwiches and cheaper things) and the rest of my $450 is required loan payments... That makes the budget! Some months I have higher income, and that often is used up by one-time expenses (we will be taking a group to Nomads in Oklahoma City this month, for instance) or gets used to pay off loans more aggressively... Thanks for asking and please feel free to ask any other questions!