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Thursday, February 10, 2011

February 9 Post (prayer request, update)

Hello everyone!  Our Tuesday night group met at my house since the Union was closed due to weather, and we had one newer person come back for a second time and two entirely new people show up!  We hope that they continue to come and share with us.  The atmosphere was very fun, and we were able to share some serious prayer requests and encourage each other well.  The scripture discussion was a little short since we also took time to serve some traditional Asian tea (I don't get a reason to break out my Chinese tea very often), but it was also very good.  Please pray for those who joined us that they continue to grow in Christ and in community with His body (whether that continues to be us or whether it be with other Christians).

Also, I have begun serving lunch after Aikido on Saturday and church service on Sunday for any college students who wants to join (both groups like to eat together and have fun together but run too short on funding to eat out often).  The meals are big cheap things like Spaghetti, frozen pizza, sandwiches, etc., and anyone may bring food or drink who wishes to.  So far the meals have gone well (non-Aikido students are welcome Saturday, but it's mostly Aikido students, and people from any church are welcome Sunday, but it's mostly those who attend mine who join us (though two or three came from other churches, too)).  These meals DO seem to be really great opportunities for people to relax and get to know each other better while having fun.  Please pray for them as you feel led.

Please be in prayer that God help a number of individuals in relationships (or just out of them) listen--that He open their ears, eyes, hearts, and minds, and speak in such a way that they clearly hear, understand, and know...  and that He help them follow Him in these instances...  There are several young people going through some difficult situations in relationship (or just out of them).  A number of us in leadership have been meeting with, praying with, and encouraging several individuals in such circumstances.  Please pray over that.

Thank you for your prayers and support!

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