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Friday, September 9, 2011


Today has been a good day so far.

A couple days ago I ran into a young man on leave from military service in Africa.  I've gotten to know him a little over the past year through his involvement in another college ministry.  We set up a meeting today so that we could catch up.

It was an excellent way to start the day.  Finances have been really tight, but due to a check I received yesterday I had just enough to grab a coffee with him in the morning and chat at Semolino.  For those of you who don't know, I really enjoy fair trade coffee, so being able to enjoy that as we chatted was quite a nice blessing.

What was more of a blessing was hearing how this young man has been seeking to serve by leading a Bible study in his military unit.  The stories about how he tried in his own power and then had to stop, wait, and follow as God led (doing it under God's power) were exciting and reminded me of my own journey.  We talked for a couple hours about how God has been moving in each of our lives and what he has been teaching us in scripture.  It was a very good reminder for me about all that He has shown me over the past year, and I believe the time was very encouraging to both of us.  After we shared, we prayed and I offered to pray for him and his study if he will send me the information electronically while he is deployed.  I am excited to be praying for another small group on top of the ones we currently have meeting.  :)

After that meeting I ran a few errands and by chance ran into another friend who is working with me to help internationals on campus this year.  We were able to chat about some really cool things and also just catch up as friends, which was a very nice rarity since we are both so busy at this time of year.  Though we only spent maybe twenty to forty minutes talking, it was a very refreshing part of my day.

I briefly returned home to send out a few electronic documents needed for some past and future ministry endeavors, and then biked out to meet a pastor from WaKeeney whom I have been meeting with off and on over the past year.  He and his wife feel called to Hays but are currently supposed to be in WaKeeney.  As we ate lunch, I got to hear about how things have been playing out for him and His family and was greatly encouraged by the Godly way he was leading his congregation.  There is something there for me to ponder further, and I am excited to see what God may show me about it.

The rest of the day was pretty eventful, but it ultimately came together for me tonight after I had a chance to take a 20 minute cat nap in preparation for game night tonight (which will last from 9:00 p.m. until probably about 4:00 a.m.).  As I was praying, I really felt how God is re-renewing parts of me that have gotten overburdened in the past week or two.  These weeks have been insanely busy in the best of ways--I have made dozens of new relationship contacts, we have had several major ministry events and are preparing for a few more, and God has been helping me develop better relationships with a variety of individuals and ministry groups throughout the community, including a fair amount of new college students.  However, during the time I have not had time to just sit back and process very much.  The last few days, and tonight in particular provided me a refreshing burst of wind and momentum.  I am very excited to head out to game night tonight and see who all shows up--there is strong potential for a great night, and I can feel it.

Thanks again for your prayers--they are VERY VERY important!

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