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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Prayer Requests

The game night is picking up steam in a very healthy way, and I am very excited for it.  Not only have we had some new regulars, but we have also had a lot of higher energy and more fun.  Bumping Friday back to a later start of 9pm has helped both Friday and Saturday develop more of a separate identity (late night game night vs. earlier game night that ends at 1am).

We've had a LOT of conversations with new students this year--both in other parts of the body/ministries and those who are not currently believers.  In particular it seems that I'm meeting a lot of freshman and international students, which is a very good thing.  I've spent several nights up till almost 5 am chatting about some pretty cool life issues things with students.  Please pray that we listen to the Spirit's voice during these conversations and speak when and how He wants us to speak.

The small groups are also off to a start--this semester we have one on Monday, one on Tuesday, one that has yet to have a start time, and a potential for a fourth if momentum continues as Monday's has grown to nine students when all show up at once...  This is also the first semester we will be offering a women's only small group, and I believe it has a powerful chance to impact some women whom we don't get to interact with on serious levels as often.  Please keep all of these groups in your prayers--especially that the Spirit move powerfully through them to all around.

Finally, please keep [alt] in your prayers--we are very busy with set up and preparation this year, as it will be a very large year for it.  It is absolutely critical that we keep this event centered on God and what He wants, so please pray that we listen and follow His direction.  Thanks again, and I'm sure I'll be on here soon with more updates!

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