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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Updates/Prayer Requests

Hello all!  I appreciate you keeping up with us and praying with/for us.  Please let us know if we can pray for YOU by emailing us at with any prayer requests!

Ministry Leaders—I think we have an opportunity to begin coming together with a renewed fire and better sense of purpose in Christ.  I am meeting one on one with my leaders to discuss this and to catch up with them in life; this time of year many of them are EXTREMELY busy between classes and work/life.  Please pray that God help us be open to coming together as He wishes in this.

International Students—I have met many new international friends this year and am regularly meeting with a couple to work oral English (and learn some Chinese).  Please pray that the Spirit loudly direct me and others who interact with these communities that we may make the connections we need to and be available to help in whatever way may be needed at the right time.

Small Groups—The students in many of the small groups have been completely over-burdened with classes this semester such that the groups fluctuate greatly from week to week.  This isn’t always a problem and can actually be a very good thing, but please pray for the students as they are stressed and also that they come when then should and that we be ready for them when they do.

Game Night Advancements—You get a better feel for how to pray for game night on the other page; we have been serving a little coffee and now have contact with a man who will hopefully train us this month in how to best use our equipment and brew the more difficult drinks.

Prayer Request/Update—I teach Aikido at FHSU (Aikido is a Japanese self-defensive martial art built on protecting one’s attacker and oneself).  I am not paid to teach and spend about 7 hours a week instructing, but God uses this HEAVILY to connect me with new students—many who come to game night or are in small groups come from Aikido (and vice versa).  I plan, Lord willing, to open up my own dojo Jan 15 and offer a ‘Godly Warriors’ ministry at it.  This will only increase my instruction hours by 5/week, will increase ministry opportunities, and will give me a chance to earn money teaching Aikido to augment my current missionary support ($675/month) so that I may better/more freely serve.

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