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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Ministry Snapshot

Last night I enjoyed the chance to speak at Encounter, Celebration church's college ministry.  I prayed quite a bit before-hand, and I do think that God spoke through the message both to me (even as I gave it) and to others there.  After the message, I led the group in two early church prayer meditations: one over experiencing God's presence, and one that involved listening to God speak through scripture called Lectio Divina.  It was a very cool opportunity, and I am thankful that God worked through it.

It has also already been a good morning; we had a very nice conversation at prayer meditation at the dojo this morning.  It was very cool to learn more about the backgrounds of some of the people who come to spend time with God and with us in the morning.  I also really enjoyed the opportunity to pray together over what was going on in each person's life.  After that, I had a great two-hour chat with a Spirit-led young man who was at the Encounter event and who is doing some great outreach into the fraternities. 

We talked about quite a few things including some of the outreach he plans to do over the summer and some of what is going on in each of our lives.  Meeting with him isn't new; we tend to meet every two weeks.  It was just that this week's meeting was particularly open and even more encouraging than usual (and it is usually quite encouraging).  Thank God for a good start to a new day.  :)

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