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Friday, April 13, 2012

Tonight and Update

Hello everyone!
   Please keep tonight in your prayers as we plan on having a 'big team competition game night'.  Every Friday and Saturday we have game night and serve coffee so that students have alternatives to the bar scene and can swing in and get to know people in the faith community.  It is usually extremely casual with a Christian radio station playing in the background and whatever games people want to play on the tables (card games, board games, video games on a console that is there).  Tonight only we are dividing everyone into teams and playing some large, fun games (including a video scavenger hunt across Hays, an ice-cream decorating challenge, a Mario Kart racing challenge, and more)...  Please pray that it go smoothly and that everyone have fun.
   Also, please keep the small groups in your prayers.  The Tuesday all guys group has rapidly grown in depth of community and trust, and the topics tend to be very deep and powerful.  The Monday group has gained a new member who is very fun.  It has also gotten less focused (which can be good for community but harder to guide on the Bible study part of things).  The Thursday group has grown; both two international students and one local student have made visits and may return (one of the Chinese students has visited a couple times and plans to come back for sure).  Unfortunately, that group has also had more sporadic attendance from some regular members as the end of semester approaches.  Please feel free to pray that everyone in all groups have peace in Christ and focus on true life in the Kingdom during this busy time AND that our community time be quality time in the Word and in the Spirit together as we share.
   Thanks again for all of your prayers!

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