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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Monday June 20th Prayer updates

One of our young freshman (will be a sophomore in college next semester) has been experiencing some excellent growth in God in the last couple of weeks.  He has been opening up and sharing how God has recently done some drastic things in his life.  For the first time (though he has intellectually known of God his whole life) he has been frequently praying, listening, and experiencing what he calls a relationship with God.  In past he has read the Bible, attended services, and been active in Teens for Christ--but he had never spoken much with God in prayer and had relied on his own strength to get through most everything.  Now he will be up late in prayer, writing in his journal what he hears and often sharing what he's been told with the small group and others.  It's been very exciting for me to watch him, and I'd ask that you keep him in your prayers--that he continue to rely on God for His strength and speak with Him.

This gentleman is one of the two young men in our small groups who live in the same house with me (along with one other roommate who is currently not directly involved in the ministry).  We will be receiving one new individual in our house in a month, and I'd ask that you pray that God help us live out our faith in love and care for each other as we adjust to new people and new circumstances.  May this be a good opportunity for us to show God through our love.

This morning I had a great time working on a small building on a farm with two men from our small groups.  We were helping an area youth pastor paint and put up a wall; the house will likely be used for future ministry, and it was a fun time to bond and experience community.  I'd ask you to pray that the building will be well used for God's Kingdom purposes (I know that it will based on the youth pastor) and that he and his family are blessed with opportunities to serve with it.

Finally, this week has been a good week in the small groups and in game night.  In the small groups, we've had good times of sharing, prayer, and encouragement.  The new people this Summer are starting to open up well, and we're currently in Matthew (preparing for the Sermon on the Mount this week).  Please keep us in your prayers--that things may continue to go well, and especially that we might have more involvement from congregation members.

Game night has not been running as late into the evening in the Summer, but it seems that we've actually picked up a few new attendees, which is great.  Not only do we have some new people, but we've had the opportunity to teach new games and get to know some old friends better who have begun to free up enough to come back.  Some of them have also started to come to the free lunches I cook every Sunday at 1:00 p.m.  It's a good time for people from multiple churches to get together and enjoy fellowship after services.  Thank God for His providence for that.

Thank you for your prayers and support, and if you ever want US to pray for YOU, don't hesitate to email with your prayer request.  Have a great week!

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