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Monday, June 6, 2011

Monday June 6th Prayer Requests

Hello all!  It's been a great/crazy first year, and we're already rolling full-bore with our summer ministry happenings.  Please pray for the small groups as all 3 start this week--also, game night has continued without a break though it has dropped to once a week on Fridays.  We will be ordering coffee equipment to start 'Common Grounds' brewing during game nights and hope to experiment during the summer to figure out how everything should run during the Fall.  Please keep that in your prayers but please especially pray that God be clearly visible in the game night community.

In general, we could use prayers for strong women leadership and for clear perception of the Spirit's voice as we are following in several large projects at the moment (Get Plugged In, a potential down-town ministry, the Mexico mission trip to the children's home in Juarez that Unite will be leading July 14-25th, and the aforementioned happenings plus a few others).

If you have any interest in letting an international student live with you/your family next year, PLEASE contact me ASAP at  Also, if you have any small jobs that are temporary or variable in nature (such that it wouldn't detract from me seeking first the Kingdom of God/leading this ministry), please feel free to contact me so I can augment my financial support through additional odd jobs.  I recently ran into some car problems that I was able to fix through God's providence and the help of a mechanic friend, but parts were still fairly expensive.

Thank you for your prayers and support!

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