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Wednesday, August 10, 2011


We are beginning to feel the semester approach.  New students are arriving, old friends are returning, and things are really beginning to get busy.  As so many new opportunities approach it gets overwhelming unless I just look towards today and God and what He has for me in it.  I am very, VERY excited to see how the Kingdom will be advancing in the upcoming weeks.  There are so many things going on that it makes my head spin to think about them, but we serve a great God who is doing even more things that we don't see.  I have no idea what all to expect, but I know it looks to be an interesting year.

Please pray that the body of believers help out international students--this year Fort Hays has almost 200 more than normal coming in and many will need help getting used to a strange culture, using a secondary language as a primary language, and studying at an entirely new university in a very different setting.  It is a great chance for believers to step up in love and support for them (The Bible does speak to looking out for the foreigner among us).

Also keep those already here in your prayers.  Small groups have been going well this summer, and we have some new faces around.  I'm excited to see how God may be growing things over the year.  There is so much more going on than I can begin to update you on, so for now I will just report about things we are planning for once they actually get here.  In the meantime, please pray that God help us to step where we need and that we don't overlook anything that is in His plans...  In the next few days I hope to meet with many churches and ministries about upcoming events, so please pray that the Spirit lead in that.

Thank you for your prayers--sincerely.

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