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Monday, August 1, 2011

Unite Updates/Prayer

This Saturday's small group was a lot of fun.  We started out catching up (because many had been gone between Mexico and other things) and a young Semolino employee who I've gotten to know a bit from being at Semo all the time sat down with us and chatted.  Since the discussion was over things related to Ecclesiastes we read that book in our study and discussed the topics.  The Semo fellow had some really good thoughts and we all had a great discussion over things.  One of our younger members who recently attended a wedding then had a relative pass away right after also commented on the relevance of the book to his life right now.  It was really a good time.

After we shared and prayed for each other--there are a few difficult things going on in several peoples' lives in all of the small groups, so I'd ask that you pray that God help us to let go of our control over difficult situations and that He help us turn it over to Him in prayer and action.  We also ask that those whom we care about let go and trust in God in those situations.  Thanks again all of you for your prayers for us and for God's work here!--Brandon

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