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Monday, July 25, 2011

Mexico Update from the US

Hello from Tucumcari, New Mexico (We have made it safely about halfway home)!

It was difficult to say goodbye to the few remaining kids this morning (most had already left for vacation--the home shuts down for a couple weeks to let its staff take a break and has the kids stay at other homes or with a relative if they have one). At first when we said we were leaving they thought we just meant back to the house, but when they understood we meant to the U.S. there was a visible change in some of their expressions. One boy, in particular, went from a relatively neutral expression to one of visible upset. I could tell he understood that we had to go but that it hurt him still to see us leaving. I am definitely planning to come back if only to see that one little boy.

Once we got across we had a very long day in the van. God did provide some beautiful weather to drive through including some distant thunderstorms, pretty rain-showers, and some gorgeous sunsets over New Mexico mesas. (I suspect Dawn will post some of those photos).

I would ask that you all pray that each of us can sleep deeply tonight, wake rested and recharged in the Spirit, and that we all be peacemakers and at peace in Christ all day tomorrow. Thank you for your continued prayers!--Brandon

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