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Friday, July 15, 2011


Today was another crazy day, but in a different way. You could really see the way God has changed people who have embraced Joe's Addiction coffee house, both in serving and in receiving blessings. The stories of what God has done in people's lives here and the pain he has freed them from is awesomely epic in every aspect. Listening to the stories of the way people's lives were transformed through faith in God's power was utterly captivating. Two hours seemed like minutes. It seemed as if the pastors here live by a quest to show the same love to the destitute as Jesus gave us 2,000 years ago. The Holy Spirit is and was guiding us whether we listened or not.
We made a good amount of friends even in just the last hours of our time tonight at Joe's. I was amazed to see the ministering that Vicky did to everyone that walked into Joe's. She is fearless in meeting new people and can break the ice so fast it will make your head spin. I think she impacted a tremendous amount of lives by sharing her faith. She is definitely a blessing to our group.
As far as fixing the van goes, we got a new tire and some supplies to replace the gas intake in case the patch doesn't hold. Our van still dribbles a little gas when we fill up but only enough to dampen the ground. So, we can really fix it unless we completely rip out the old hose, so the repair hose will be a backup plan.
God has definitely been guiding us to fix the van and He has been using the repair experiences to help us come into contact with people that we ordinarily wouldn't have met. We had a nice conversation with a store clerk in an auto parts store who was from Wichita but has family in Mexico. She was very helpful and encouraging.
Well, it's late and I had better hit the hay. Tomorrow (aka today) is going to be a long day which starts at 4am. We will be crossing into Juarez tomorrow. Pray for a smooth crossing and God's continual guidance. Good Night.

-Ben'jamin Galloway (once removed and twice born)

"The safest place to be is in the will of God." -Hugo Liborio

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