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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Mexico Update/Disclaimer for previous post

Vicky strongly wanted to share with you about her healing and how it has enabled her to minister on this trip.  Since she felt it was valid and wanted to share it in the Spirit, I told her she could post about it.  I was unaware at the time that any product would be mentioned in the post, so I do need to make a disclaimer.  Unite does not have any relationships with Juice Plus and does not endorse this product (or discourage its use).  The post below that mentions it is solely the experience of its author and in no way is intended as an endorsement by our ministry or trip.  That said, we are excited that Vicky is doing so well on this trip and has not had to use many medications.  It has been fun to see how excited she has been interacting with all around her and how God has already used her.  I hope that clears up any confusion!--Brandon, Unite Ministry Leader

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