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Monday, July 18, 2011

The coldest heart can be brought to life....

This first couple of days have been a blur of fun and exhaustion spending time with these adorable kiddos, and we have loved every second of it! One of the things I looked forward to the most, besides seeing those kiddos again, was Sunday morning church! I am so glad we got to go to at least one service while we were here this time! There is just something about the sight of children waving flags to the music, the feel of a thin layer of sweat under your clothes and hair only amplified by the feel of the fan circulating through the sanctuary, and the sound of worship and praises sang to our God in a foreign tongue. There is absolutely NOTHING like it!

It has been so wonderful to be here to play with these kids, you can tell just how much they crave love and affection. Don't get me wrong, they get love from the children's home, the staff there does SUCH a good job! But I know it is nice for them AND the children to have new people around....and they certainly seem to love us "Americanos" hehehe. We have had such a great (and exhausting) time with them playing each evening out in las canchas...and they always crave more! God just seems to give us renewed energy every time we go out there! It is a tremendous opportunity, and one of my favorite things is recognizing kids from last year and having them ask "me recuerdas?" ...."do you remember me?" One little girl asked me that and I did remember her from last year...she was soooo excited! What a blessing to see those little smiles!

Another thing about this night from the canchas.....if you look at the city, you can see the border lights and on the other side the light's of El Paso...on the side closest to you, which is Juarez is more darkness. What a picture! I have to say this though, as much darkness as there might be in Juarez right now...this place, this home, these children...are a light in this darkness. God is moving here in a mighty way! ~Dawn Rickerson

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