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Monday, July 18, 2011

Hola from Juarez,

Thank you for your support and prayers for us and those God brings across our path. Today we went to church here at the Emmanuell Ministries church and played with the kids. I really enjoyed the whole service. Even though worship was in Spanish, I could sing along in the Spirit. Even though I know very little Spanish, God's language of love is universal. I rode a plastic, flattened trash can down a cement ramp and loved it and the kids and could have done it all night. At lunch, I learned that the speaker at church had been kidnapped October 20 last year for a day or two. The kidnappers had planned to take him from across the street from where we are now. He had a great testimony of how he had heard others tortured with him when he was blindfolded. How they usually don't keep you alive because they don't want to feed you. How people prayed and then the boss of the men who had kidnapped him for money called to let him go.He realized more than ever how important the ministry is for these kids so that they don't become kidnappers for a living. I too, agree and know I am where God wants me to be and I feel safe. I am so grateful and blessed to be here in Juarez.This trip has been full of adventure and God appointments from the time we left Hays. I believe I will be spending more of my life in Valleybrook, OK and Oklahoma City.That is where we hooked up with Joe's Addiction, a coffee house and oh so much more. They minister to many of the needs of the local community of Valleybrook, a city within Oklahoma City. Joe's Addiction has Vineyard Church as well as they are " the church" 24/7. They have a free store and food pantry. Joe's Addiction is part of Heart of God Ministries. This city is small in area but large in sin, corruption, and hopelessness of those who have been broken by life. They are some of the most receptive people to God's love and want to turn their lives around when they are given the tools and knowledge of what to do. Hands Up Ministries is just down the street from Joe's Addiction. Hands Up provides housing and guidance to previous prisoners and a large part of their population are registered sex offenders because this area is one of the few in OK and the nation where they can live because they can't live in a green zone. You can become a registered sex offender for as little as urinating in public. Everyone does not deserve judgment but God's love and mercy. You don't know what has happened in someone's life to bring them to this point. There go I but by the grace of God. Strip clubs, prostitution, alcohol, drugs, and corruption abound. God has placed Joe's Addiction in an opportune place for ministry. Heart of God Ministries also has Beautiful Feet Bootcamp where they train you for 6 months and then you do a 4 month internship for becoming a missionary. While at bootcamp, you also work at Joe's Addiction and live and do ministry at the Refugee Apartment complex. I would like prayer for Heather, Scott, Richard, Veronica, and others in this program of ministry. Jamie and John Zumalt, Jim, Chris, and other ministers at Joe's Addiction, I would like prayer for them. I would like prayer for people in the community at Joe's Addiction like Guymen, Lora, Casey, Lucy, Mike, Michael, Chuck, Eddy, and others. Chris was one of these people with a minor offense if he would have had 10,000 dollars for his defense he would not even have this label of registered sex offender. Now he is ministering to others at Joe's Addiction and also at Hands Up Ministries. He has a great testimony how God used him to defend Mike in court to receive his SSI. He says how is it that God would use him in this way after he spent years ignoring God. That is how I feel too who am I that God would use me, but I love it as I love God and God loves me. Despite my physical fatigue, I could have played with the kids all night, just like when I was at Joe's Addiction the night I led prayer and met Guymen who is only been out of prison a few days, what a God appointment. Ministry can be exhausting and yet at the same time the best energy, fulfilling ride of your life. I would not trade ministry for anything, just as I would not trade God for anything. Guymen, I know is another Chris sent to Joe's Addiction. I can't wait to hear how his testimony continues. Monday, we did lessons and crafts with the kids demonstrating God's love for us and how we can share God's love with others. I think we will be painting for the ministry as soon as we are able to find the person in charge of that. I am truly blessed to be here with this team. I know this is only the beginning for me in missions. It has been hard to wait this long, but it is truly worth the wait. Also we are missionaries always in whatever area we happen to be living at the time. God can use you wherever you are at if you just let him. Plus in order for us to do what we are doing now, you all are equally important in your role sending us with funds and prayers. We are the church with all parts working together in harmony. I can't wait to give you more details as time allows and as God unfolds the rest of the adventure. Would you please pray for my camera to go back to working. I am a big picture taker. Out of the blue for no apparent reason, as we drove by the White Sands Area of Texas, it just suddenly quit working. I know it is insignificant, but God cares about everything no matter how big or small. Thank you for everything.

Love in Christ,

Vicky Cowan

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