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Friday, July 15, 2011

Light Starts In A Dark Place...

Thus far I have to admit that this trip has been far more interesting than even last year's! And it has only been the first two days! We haven't even made it to Mexico yet! But God has already brought us together as a team and really shown us that the only way a trip like this will EVER be successful is by HIS Providence. :)

Yesterday (1st day of the adventure) we ran into a few snags with the vehicle but we still managed to make it through! I will say this tho...I have never been in a vehicle before when the tread ripped off of a tire! That was so loud and a little scary for a moment because nobody knew what had happened til we pulled over! Thankfully we were able to (eventually) change the tire, in the heat, and got back on the road.

The adventure wasn't over! We finally made it to Valleybrook, Oklahoma (city WITHIN Oklahoma City) and spent a bit of time at Joe's Addiction coffeeshop ministry.....I think I'm in love with this place and the amazing things they do to help people get on their feet from rough circumstances! The people here love everyone that walks in and just share a genuine love of Christ with them without judgement. It's such a beautiful thing to me....this place is in the midst of such darkness and yet just shine's with the gorgeous and enthralling love of Christ. It is a place truly blessed by God.....

We have had an AWESOME time getting to know people, hearing their stories and learning more about how this ministry helps people out around here...including the way they help the community through their food pantry and "Free Store" where people can come find things that they need...and of course...THEY'RE FREE! :) It's a pretty cool ministry I must say!

Today we spent some time in the food pantry cleaning up and organizing a lot of donations and things that had been stored for a long time....I think it was a blessing to them...but most of all it has been a blessing to US. It has been amazing to me how minor my problems seem when I step into a situation outside of myself and see what other people have gone through. It is a pleasure and a blessing to be a servant to them.

Before shot above....

After shot below....

I am very excited to continue to journey to El Paso tomorrow and cross the border into Juarez!
~Dawn Rickerson

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