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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Juarez, Mexico

I already feel sad and hate to leave, but I do plan to come back next year. I got to experience Kimberly as she began to trust me tonight as she jumped into my arms from the playground equipment and as I caught her as she went down the cement slide. I too tried this of course if you know me at all, and I greatly enjoyed this in God's providance as I slid down a bit out of control and did an Aikido roll over that I obviously do not know how to do yet but loolk forward to learning . It is basicly the same kind of roll over that I have done when out of control on rollerblades. It was good to see her open up as earlier today when we did the lessons and crafts, she was shy and wouldn't give her name. I was disappointed to not see them do the plastic, flattened trash can slide tonight but then as we were about to leave they brought it out Praise God, and I got to slide a couple of times. This makes me think of people like Eddy at Joe's Addiction that had their childhood stolen or damaged in some way. Eddy would do great working with children as he said he really feels drawn to children's toys because he didn't have much of an opportunity as a child for this. It was rewarding as the girl's wanted us to stay and show us their bedrooms and share more of their lives with us. We exchanged doing each other's hair. It was good to hear stories from Becky that despite the corruption here even from the police and government that God is alive and well in Juarez. Bye for now.

Love in Christ,
Vicky Cowan

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