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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Mexico Update (Last Evening Here)

It's our last full day in Juarez--we will cross the border and begin our return journey tomorrow; it is not, however, the last day of this trip.  The Spirit will still be using us on the return trip and after.  I would request that you pray that God help us be sensitive for when and how to share about how He has worked here and to help us treat every day as it should be--surrendered to Him.  This place is amazing, and the children are even more so...  they are precious beyond words.  I cannot explain to you how it feels to see their cute eyes and huge smiles as they sit down and pull your arms around them.  Even the most disruptive ones--especially the most disruptive ones--want to be loved.

This morning we played with the littlest boys--the most disruptive group of all--so that the dorm mother (hermana) could clean the bathrooms for them.  I watched as one of the more disruptive little ones at the time got knocked down and started crying.  When Dawn came near he raised his arms and she held him as he cried.  However, long after he had finished crying he refused to let go and clung tighter and tighter to her.  The precious nature of the moment and his deeper need were so evident that it hurt.

This evening we played in the cancha for the last time with the kids.  They had found a pool of water under a bus from the storm the other night and were running around enjoying the change of pace.  As they played a few got too cold and I had to help run them inside with some of our ladies so they could clean up.  One of the most disruptive boys of all didn't want to change because he wanted to stay outside so he found a towel.  Shivering, he came up next to me and huddled into my side to stay warm.  As we sat there I helped him cover his head and put my arm around him.  Long after he had warmed up he continued to sit there; this young kid who loved to be loud and make as much trouble as possible really just wanted to sit with someone quietly who would put their arm around him.

God is an amazing God, and His story and love are beyond words, and I pray that these truths would be clear to these little ones and to all of those who walk by the house we stay in here late at night.  So many walk by to smoke marijuana, do harder drugs, find comfort in the opposite sex, and try to find something that fulfills them in this life.  So often too I can go through my day living for my kingdom, worrying about foolish fears, and ignoring the true life God freely gives me and His providence.  Though I don't embody Christ nearly enough I dearly wish that I could show those who have never seen what little bit He has shown me, and I hope that I can live more and more for Him.  It is so hard, yet it is so simple...  Dear God, help me let go of the reigns to you, to surrender, follow, and be transformed by your Spirit.  I pray that I may let go of my foolish worries, fears, and selfish pride and walk hand in hand with each brother and sister across the world--that they may know we are Christians by our love and by our oneness in you even as you prayed for us before you died.  Thank God for the humbling honor of being used by Him for His Kingdom.  May we all be forever amazed as we are part of it as it advances...  as we are part of Him.  Thank God.

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