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Monday, August 22, 2011


Wow it's been a crazy interesting two weeks.  Each day has been absolutely chalked full of one-on-one discussions, meetings, and events.

Right now I am trying to help an international student who has no place to stay; he is looking for a rental house with others or some other living arrangement that isn't too expensive.  If you know anyone, please contact me.  Also, please keep him and that situation in your prayers.

Quite a few ministries and churches came to the meeting last Sunday to discuss needs and issues pertaining to international students living here.  We prayed and talked about many of the ideas at length.  It appears that we may start up a few initiatives that have great potential to help out in the next year or two.

It's been a little hectic for the small groups as we figure out who will be in which small group and when that will occur.  We now have one women's small group, one men's small group, and several mixed groups meeting in different locations.  Since everyone's schedule switches at semester and we may have quite a few new students join this year, having it all come together takes quite a bit of listening and following.  Please pray as these communities come together that they happen at the right place and time.  Thank you again for your prayers and support!

Today is Picnic in the Quad--we will interact with many students (likely at a pretty surface level since the event is so large), but we would love prayers that it go right and that God help us be sensitive to any connections that we should make.  Thursday we will be hosting our 'Get Plugged In' event in the quad which we have limited to churches and college ministries, so we would especially appreciate prayers that the right connections are facilitated at that event.  Thank you for your prayers and support over these crazy few weeks!


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