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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Brief Reflections on My Day

This morning, I met with a college-aged man in the chapel of the Protestant Campus Center as is my weekly custom.  Most of what we talk about is private, but I can say that the conversation gently reminded me to relax back into spending more quality time with God daily—though I have been praying and seeking to move in the Spirit, I haven’t taken the Sabbath time I need to not only rest in God but also to digest what He has been teaching me.  The conversation was interrupted by thunder and some gorgeous heavy rain along with hail.

After that meeting, I met with a local area pastor (as is my weekly custom).  It was an excellent time to sit and listen over lunch, and later to share.  Again, most of what we speak about is private.  This conversation encouraged me in a few ways that I cannot share, but it also encouraged me to keep praying and not worrying about life too much as I seek to live for the Kingdom daily.  In truth, after praying and doing all I can do, there really is nothing else I can do in most situations; though there are several things that I could try and think through and worry about in life right now—they really are in God’s hands.  I am excited to see what He’ll do.

The rest of my day involved a brief community time at a small group I lead; I am excited to be able to likely spend more time talking and reading the Bible next week!  I also taught Aikido, spent some time with my fianc√©, and took care of quite a bit of office work that needed done; there’s still more to do!  Now, I am TRULY excited to let my head hit the pillow and to sleep in my warm house.  The weather is bitterly cold (it dropped from sixty something today to under twenty), but it is warm inside, and tomorrow, for the first time in a LONG time, I can sleep in a bit and almost make 8 hours of sleep!  Good night, and God bless!

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