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Thursday, April 18, 2013


Hello everyone!  In response to newsletter readers’ suggestions, I am making the newsletters shorter, but I will begin posting more frequently here on Unite's prayer blog!  The posts online will cover some of my ministry adventures along with more in-depth updates, stories, encouragements, and prayer requests.  I may still put out longer newsletters from time to time, but I will attempt to keep most of them shorter.  Please check out this prayer blog and let me know if you think this is a good, bad, or neutral change!  I have already posted an update to the prayer bog that would have normally

been last month’s newsletter, so read it and let me know what you think!  For this month’s newsletter, I have included some photos.  The photo above is from our creative stations of the cross experience that we set up for Good Friday at Unite Game Night.  Besides the stations of the cross experience, we also had a coffee demonstration that night and gave information about the slave trade in coffee production.  Since Jesus came to set the captives free, we felt it was appropriate to read about ways we could help set others free, too!  Not many students went through the prayer stations that night (not too many were there at all—many had gone home to be with family), but those who did seemed to have a genuine, positive experience.  Overall, Unite Game Night continues to go strong, and we hope that it serves as a good place to find community and to act as an alternative to the typical Friday night activities in Hays (photo of game night is below). 


On a completely different ministry front, a few of the Aikido of Northwest Kansas students who also go to Unite Game Night accompanied me on a Godly Warriors Aikido demonstration for a youth conference in Hoxie (photo above).  We were very privileged to be one of the two main speakers/demonstrations at the Way of the Warrior youth conference.  We gave two demonstrations, and I talked about being a Godly warrior (more info at  It was a good time for those of us who went, and I think it was a blessing to those at the conference, as well.

Prayer Requests

Please pray that the NOMADS trip in late April be used by God for good purposes.

Please pray that God direct us as we seek to meet with outside entities about [alt] this year and as we discuss how it may look.

Please keep several local ministries in your prayers that are seeking to start up or drastically shift gears as new leaders come in.

Please pray that God help me connect with new churches and private individuals who would want to fund the ministry endeavors out here; as I prepare for marriage and increases in expenses, I need my salary to increase to closer to minimum wage (and ideally to closer to my goal amount).

Please pray for my fiancé Tella, and I as we go through pre-marriage counseling; we are very excited!

Please pray that God help us find a good house to buy (or a good place to rent if we aren’t to buy a house right now); we are interested in buying a house near the college sector in the short term in which we could rent out the basement to help finances; long-term we might be interested in using such a house as a ministry house in which we could rent to Christian college students for discipleship or to just anyone or to international students in particular as an outreach ministry.

Please keep our small groups in your prayers—as finals approach, it is harder and harder for students to gather in community and study the Word.

Finally, please pray that the churches in the region unite in love and continue to serve others as the Body of Believers!  As always, thank you for your prayers and for your financial support!

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