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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Saturday Small Group

It was SO GOOD to meet with the all-guys Bible study/small group community yesterday!  It feels like it’s been hard to get us all together as busy as the semester has been, but three of us made it, and we had a truly refreshing time in the Word and sharing. 
Some days such readings and discussions can be good and thought-provoking, but somehow this one felt different—at least to me.  There was a lot of prayer and time spent listening between thoughts and readings, and we received some really interesting insights.  We discussed how in John, Jesus answers the question about how He is only revealing Himself to the Jews by talking about the Holy Spirit in believers and how, ultimately, (when that info is correlated to Hebrews) Christ WAS revealing Himself to everyone (not just the Jews) through the Holy Spirit in believers.  We also discussed how many in the John verses before couldn’t hear what He really meant (or did hear in part but wouldn’t change for fear of being thrown out of the synagogues) and how in Hebrews it explains that the Holy Spirit opens ears and hearts and eyes and minds…  In other words, that method is what is required to help people hear when Jesus does reveal Himself.  It was interesting to reflect on.  What was equally if not more important to me, though, was just being with the guys in the quiet of the day with God.  It was very needed and refreshing.  I am excited for the next time we can join together.

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